Hoping To Enter Canada

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If you are hoping to enter Canada, you had better not have any DUI offenses showing on your criminal record as, if you do, you may be denied entry. If you view DUI Canada Entry regulations, you will see that a Canadian immigration officer is allowed to deem you criminally inadmissible if you have a single DUI offense which is less than 5 years old or multiple offenses that are less than 10 years old. It is also at the immigration officer’s discretion as to whether they allow you entry or not, if you have a recent DUI charge that has not yet been heard. Fortunately though there is action you can take in all these instances which will still afford you entry to Canada but, you would be well advised to seek assistance from a Canadian DUI lawyer before taking such actions. In the instance where you have a DUI charge outstanding, the immigration officer will look more favourably on your situation, if you present a legal letter from a Canadian DUI lawyer, stating how the chare has progressed. In cases where you have some DUI convictions on your criminal record, you will need more than just a letter you will need to be given a temporary resident permit. These permits allow entry into Canada even if the holder does have DUI offenses showing on their record and they will be issued providing certain criteria are met. One of the criteria is that you have a good reason to want to gain entry into Canada but there is more to it than that and so getting a Canadian DUI lawyer to assist in your application is the best way of ensuring that your application is approved.

Driving under the Influence (DUI) is a term that is only used in Canada and the United States but you will be denied access for any similar offenses regardless of what they are called. In the United Kingdom these offenses are referred to as drinking and driving and it was there where the first ever person was charged for such an offense. In 1897, a taxi driver from London had been drinking before he hit another vehicle and it was decided or the first time, he would be charged with drunken driving. The man whose name was George Smith, was found guilty and fines a sum of 25 shillings which, in today’s money would have a value of £127. Although each country has its own punishments for these types of offenses, many countries have far more severe punishments than what Smith received and some countries even insist that time in jail must be spent by the offending driver. In the US each state has its own punishments but most of the states look at DUI offenses as being very serious, so much so that even if a state has a probation program where an offense may not appear on any records, these programs will not be allowed to apply to cases of DUI.