Temporary Residence Permit To Enter Canada With A DUI Record

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When a person has a DUI on his or her record, he or she is not permitted to go to Canada even if he or she is just going for a visit. It is important to get this kind of permit in order for you to successfully go into Canada. With this permit, you will be able to go in and out of Canada for several months. It is something that you should get in advance when you can. Enter Canada with a DUI is made possible through it or in some cases, criminal rehabilitation and deemed rehabilitation can also be the solution.

Help From A Lawyer

To get a temporary residence permit or a TRP, you should apply for it. It involves a complex process that is the reason why many of those who have a DUI on their record will seek the help of a lawyer to help them cross the border. The lawyers see to it that they provide all documents needed and guide their clients in the process although there are still others who submit the application on their own.

TRP Application An Your Own

It is possible for you to submit a TRP application but it is something that is not always best to do. Although you would be spending money in hiring a lawyer, that money can be considered as well spent. Not hiring a lawyer to help you with your application is similar to not hiring a lawyer in court and simply representing yourself. Although some people can get away with it, most cannot.

How Your Lawyer Can Help

If you don’t want your application to be denied due to your lack of knowledge about the regulations and other technical aspects, you might want to hire a lawyer to help you. The most common reason why the permits of many people are denied is because of the individual’s lack of knowledge about the governing regulations. They may have overlooked some things that the immigration officials need to approve the permit. It is not as simple as you think and is really made up of a complex process. In order for the permit to be approved, your application should state why you should be approved. It must convince the officers that your stay is beneficial to those who are in Canada or your reasons are more important than the threat that you pose on the health as well as the safety of all the people in Canada. Here is where the expertise of a Canada immigration lawyer comes to play. They have enough experience in this area that they know how to reason out and grant you greater chance of success. If your application is denied because the officers don’t think that your application is strong enough, all the money that you spent on processing your permit will all be wasted. Think about all the hard work as well as the money that you spent in giving it a try, would you want to pay again and do the process all over again? If you don’t then you better find a good lawyer to help you get your permit.